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Advantages of Buying a Home in Elite Vistas

A gated community is a planned array of houses with amenities guarded and enclosed within walls. Living in such premium gated communities has a sense of grandeur. It’s apparent why individuals choose to live in gated communities. There are quite some advantages of living in gated communities. Modern Gated Communities are modelled with the essence of sustainability, conducting eco-friendly methods in developing infrastructure that promotes water, soil & electricity conservation to provide a healthier living environment for residing families.


One of the major reasons why people seek to live in a gated community is surveillance. The residential community is guarded with CCTV cameras and security personnel monitoring in's & out's regulating the access of visitors, notifying the residents about visitors coming inside, thus restricting the unwanted strangers from entering the premises of the gated community. Such standards cannot be maintained in a traditional neighbourhood.

Since all the usage of facilities inside a gated community holds exclusivity to community members, thus it ensures privacy without any outside interference.


People want to be surrounded by like-minded people sharing similar values and mentality. When it comes to living in a gated community, encountering unreasonable neighbours is less likely a chance. Gated Community living offers an opportunity to mingle with like-minded people.

The entire community gathers to celebrate festivals and children have the opportunity of engaging in various activities, developing friends ensuring a wholesome fulfilling childhood and also senior citizens experience great relief from loneliness, anxiety as such communities foster interaction of similar age groups especially in parks situated in gated communities where they can go for walks in parks inside the gated community with their similar age group.


Gated communities offer best in class, well-maintained and managed civic amenities for recreational and co-curricular activities like playgrounds, swimming pools and gyms that are almost faded away among traditional neighbourhoods.

Beautifully designed Lawns& playing areas, organised roads enhances the living experience and contribute to the overall development of family members living inside gated communities. Elite Vistas offers a wide range of amenities for elegant living.


Elite Vistas is ahead in facilitating waste management solutions to ensure safe and clean living for the community members. The Sewage Treatment Plant is an essential system that helps improve the hygienic conditions of the house and its locality free from water-related diseases.

Sewage treatment is the filtration process of removing contaminants from water released from kitchens and bathrooms. The groundwater will not be polluted as it is filtered before being released. The treated wastewater can be reused for agriculture and other purposes, thus it significantly impacts positively towards environmental preservation.


With increased population densities and unplanned constructions, cities can no longer channelize natural flow of rainwater to underground which is leading to Urban Flooding every year.

Customers seek safety from natural occurrences.

One of the key reasons to move to Gated Community ventures is planned construction of high quality Underground Drainage System.

Elite Vistas adapted modern, durable quality materials for the underground pipelines over traditional materials which are corrosion and chemical resistant. Such require less resources and energy in manufacturing and mobilization and have clear environmental advantages as it doesn’t affect quality of drinking water or groundwater.


Beautifully designed High-End landscaping, all kinds of pollution-free environment, utilization of sustainable and energy-efficient resources ensure a healthy environment safe for all age groups living in a gated community. Less traffic, slow vehicle speeds ensure road safety inside Gated Communities. It makes safe and pleasant experience for walking, jogging and cycling.

Elite Vistas located in Nandipalli village away from the usual city buzz offers serene, clean, green and safe living for the customers seeking to build their villa and live a pleasant life.


The value of a villa plot in a gated community that is located in the growth corridor of the city is considered an excellent option for investment as its value increases due to accompanying amenities in a gated community and offers you colossal returns on resale in the long run.

These days people seek not only homes but desire a quintessential lifestyle and nothing comes closer to Elite Vistas which is located just 1 km away from Peddha Golconda Outer Ring Road Exit 15. Many upcoming projects are built upon subsequent to our premium gated community in nearby distance range assuring higher appreciation for the land.


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